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Noisy Garage Doors Silenced

Suffering from a noisy garage door can be annoying to say the least. But when you don’t know the reason why; well then that’s when it becomes downright frustrating! Your garage door is composed of a complex system of pulleys, cables, rollers and springs—all of which can at one time or another cause your garage door to become noisy. This Old House explains how to muffle a noisy garage door opener.

Common Reasons for Noisy Garage Doors

Worn Out Rollers

This is often the most common reason why your garage door may mysteriously develop loud noises. The effect of worn or wearing rollers may not simply be a nuisance, but they may result in your garage door, having difficulties opening and closing. Consider replacing with high-quality nylon rollers for a smooth and quite door.

Bent Tracks

Here is another reason why your garage door may be becoming nosier. If your tracks are bent, or misaligned, your garage door tends to rattle as it rolls along them—hence the noise. Once replaced or readjusted, we highly recommend lubricating the tracks monthly, but do not make the mistake of using WD-40.

Garage Door Openers

What kind of drive does your automatic opener use? Chain driven models (similar to what you see on bicycles) push or pull a trolley on a metal bar and are affixed to the garage door. See the pattern? Metal-on-metal can generates a lot of noise! Consider upgrading to a belt or jackshaft opener for quite performance.

I Demand Silence

Our highly-trained and certified technicians are available to provide any adjustments, lubrications or replacement parts needed to silence your noisy garage door-no matter the time. We are available the same day you call and have 24-hour emergency appointments! At Precision Garage Door Las Vegas, we have the knowledge and tools needed, to get your garage door running smooth again at the best price around.

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