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Quality Garage Door Track Repair

An off-track garage door is not only unsightly but it can also be downright dangerous and unstable. You should never attempt to operate the garage door manually or with the automatic garage door opener, as it may cause damage to the door, or potentially be life threatening.

Reasons for Off-Track Doors

One of the most common causes, of off-track doors, is when one or both of the garage door cables break. These cables help to counterbalance the weight of the door and guide it during its journey up and down the tracks. Typically, garage door cables break only after many years of successful operation and normal wear and tear.

Aside from the above cause; there are two more reasons commonly associated with garage doors becoming off track. Sometimes your garage door may become loose from its tracks, due to an obstruction, or from something hitting it—hard. For example, if you had accidentally put your car into reverse when the garage door was still shut, the impact may cause the door to jar off its-tracks.

Precision to the Rescue

We strongly recommend, for safety reasons, that you never attempt to repair off track garage doors on your own. Instead, be sure to call Precision Garage Door Las Vegas as soon as you notice any problems with your garage door or garage door tracks. Our expert, certified technicians are trained in efficiently handling this exact repair task, with the following four-step process:

  1. Inspect the tracks for any physical signs of damage (i.e. bent, broken, etc.) and ensure that they are properly aligned and tightly secured to the garage walls.
  2. Readjust track and roller alignment, as needed.
  3. Clean the tracks of any debris or buildup and lubricate with commercial grade oil.
  4. Inspect the garage door in its entirety for any loose or missing parts and/or hardware.

With Precision, you will receive exceptional customer service, and all repairs will be completed at your utmost convenience. We are available, with fully-stocked trucks and top-quality parts, 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week. In most cases we can arrive to your location the same day you call!

Service Within Two Hours Guaranteed!

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