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The Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

A broken garage door can seem like a sudden and unexpected occurrence. But oftentimes the damage is caused by common underlying issues, most that result from everyday wear and tear. By knowing what parts most often break down, you can address issues before they lead to safety concerns and expensive repairs. Causes of [...]

The Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage2021-05-07T14:26:55+00:00

6 Surprising Reasons Why a New Garage Door Can Be Cost-Effective

Investing in a new garage door is a big decision. But when repair costs add up, there’s no guarantee how much longer the door will last, and when your old system is unsafe or inefficient, it’s time for a replacement. Homeowners often balk at the idea of replacing a garage door. But doing [...]

6 Surprising Reasons Why a New Garage Door Can Be Cost-Effective2021-04-23T19:21:38+00:00

What Causes Garage Door Springs to Break

Broken springs can cause your garage door not to work and put you in great danger. Understanding some of the reasons that the springs in your garage door can malfunction may prevent damage to other garage door parts and save you a lot of money in repairs. Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Malfunction The [...]

What Causes Garage Door Springs to Break2021-03-19T15:23:27+00:00

My Garage Door Fell Off Track!

Garage doors can go off-track for many reasons. In fact, this is not an uncommon problem. But it can have serious consequences if not addressed by a seasoned professional. Attempting a quick DIY fix on off-track doors will only cause more trouble. Under no circumstances should you wait to fix an off-track garage door. [...]

My Garage Door Fell Off Track!2021-03-19T11:47:57+00:00

10 Tips for Buying a New Garage Door

Since a good garage door can last several decades, you might not be that familiar with how to buy a new one. Homeowners often decide to upgrade so they can enjoy modern garages. But if your garage door is crooked, squeaks, or has other issues, it may be time for a replacement. When you [...]

10 Tips for Buying a New Garage Door2021-02-12T15:06:16+00:00

How to Remove Rust from a Garage Door

If your steel garage door has rust, it has already begun to corrode. It is not uncommon for a garage door to start rusting at the bottom where contact with rain and corrosive materials is more likely. Don’t procrastinate if you see evidence of oxidation. It can spread quickly, reduce curb appeal, and possibly [...]

How to Remove Rust from a Garage Door2020-12-24T21:59:14+00:00

Garage Door Decorative Hardware Options

Installing garage door decorative hardware is a great way to upgrade the look of your garage door. Decorative elements include a variety of ornamental parts and accessories, whether for the purpose of updating the design, adding functional elements, or increasing visual curb appeal. Such an upgrade doesn’t have to mean replacing your entire garage [...]

Garage Door Decorative Hardware Options2020-12-18T05:46:37+00:00

What Is a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?

Most people envision a garage door opener as an overhead system. A jackshaft garage door opener is an exception that, instead of mounted near the ceiling, it’s installed on the right or left side of a garage door. It is typically placed at the attachment points of the garage door springs and provides as [...]

What Is a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?2020-12-10T20:58:35+00:00