Be on the Lookout for These Types of Damage to Your Garage Door Tracks

Your garage door's tracks provide the path that the wheels of the door use in order to lift and lower the garage when you want it to open or close. Different types of damage can occur on the tracks, causing the door to stop working, develop noise or shake while it moves. Three Common Problems With Garage Door Tracks [...]

Buying a Used Garage Door is a Bad Idea

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Used Garage Door There are times when homeowners may need to repair or replace an old or broken garage door. Price is often a factor when choosing a replacement, but buying a used one should not be an option. There are several points you should consider when purchasing a garage door, and garage [...]

How to Know When to Repair vs. Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors have many moving parts, and an occasional repair may be needed in order to keep the door functional. It is important for homeowners to know when it is a good idea to have the door repaired and when it is best to replace the door. Deciding When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Garage doors get [...]

Choosing Whether to Repair or Replace a Garage Door

Garage door repair is inevitable. Eventually, homeowners must decide between repair and new garage door replacement. The longer your garage door lasts, the greater the return on investment, or ROI, you get from it. Maintaining it improves reliability and longevity, and can improve home resale value, but how do you decide when the most cost-effective approach is to replace [...]

How to Avoid Garage Door Malfunctions in Henderson

Avoid Garage Door Malfunctions With These Tips The day might come where you hear a sudden clunk or horrendous squeaks with your garage door. You can bypass these circumstances by keeping your Henderson garage door smoothly running with the following tips. If you prefer professional services, you can alternatively consider contacting garage repair in Henderson. Garage Door Tune-up The [...]

How to Handle a Snapped Garage Door Cable in Henderson

What to When Garage Door Cables Snap Automatic garage doors have cables on both sides to lower and lift your door easily. The cables are sturdy, but can eventually break down due to wear and tear to create lost tension in the cables ending in fraying or snapping. To give you the knowledge to bypass more damage or personal [...]

Dress Up Your Garage Door With a Mural

Decorate and Protect Your Garage Door with a Mural You’ve just had contractors install a new garage door and you really want it to last and remain as good as new. You can protect it in a similar way many people protect their car’s paint job – with a vinyl wrap. How It Works First, contractors install a framing system. [...]

The Process of Painting a Garage Door

How a Garage Door Is PaintedA garage door may be painted to help improve a home's curb appeal or because a homeowner prefers a different color. However, there is a process that must be followed to ensure that the paint sticks to the door's surface. Following proper protocols when painting a garage door can also ensure that it is easy [...]

My Garage Door Fell Off Track!

Garage doors can go off-track for many reasons. In fact, this is not an uncommon problem. But it can have serious consequences if not addressed by a seasoned professional. Attempting a quick DIY fix on off-track doors will only cause more trouble. Under no circumstances should you wait to fix an off-track garage door. Or, even worse, try to [...]

10 Tips for Buying a New Garage Door

Since a good garage door can last several decades, you might not be that familiar with how to buy a new one. Homeowners often decide to upgrade so they can enjoy modern garages. But if your garage door is crooked, squeaks, or has other issues, it may be time for a replacement. When you decide that garage door repair [...]

How to Remove Rust from a Garage Door

If your steel garage door has rust, it has already begun to corrode. It is not uncommon for a garage door to start rusting at the bottom where contact with rain and corrosive materials is more likely. Don’t procrastinate if you see evidence of oxidation. It can spread quickly, reduce curb appeal, and possibly lead to expensive repairs. Fortunately, [...]

Garage Door Decorative Hardware Options

Installing garage door decorative hardware is a great way to upgrade the look of your garage door. Decorative elements include a variety of ornamental parts and accessories, whether for the purpose of updating the design, adding functional elements, or increasing visual curb appeal. Such an upgrade doesn’t have to mean replacing your entire garage door. Here are some options [...]

What Is a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?

Most people envision a garage door opener as an overhead system. A jackshaft garage door opener is an exception that, instead of mounted near the ceiling, it’s installed on the right or left side of a garage door. It is typically placed at the attachment points of the garage door springs and provides as much power as more familiar [...]

DC Motor Technology for Garage Doors

If you’re shopping for a new garage door opener, a DC motor is one option you’ll find on the market. Motor type is just one consideration. Like many homeowners, you have probably looked at the pros and cons of belt drive, chain drive, screw drive, and other types of systems for your garage door. But here is a look [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Garage Door

A garage door upgrade has many benefits, from appearance to long-term value. It is also a relatively affordable home improvement project. There are many practical benefits to updating your garage door, as it’s one of the most prominent and heavily used parts of your home. Here are some of the top reasons to consider investing in a garage door [...]

The Importance of Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Some parts of your home need regular annual maintenance. Your garage door is one of those parts. Keeping up to date with annual garage door maintenance is an important step to keep your garage door operating smoothly over time.  Not to mention, a functioning garage can help to increase the value of your home by up to 4 percent. [...]

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Remote Is Not Working

Finding that your garage door remote is not working is frustrating. However, garage remote control issues are common. The reasons range from low batteries to signal problems, to faults in your home’s electrical system. A malfunctioning garage door transmitter can be a major inconvenience. There are several reasons Las Vegas homeowners may find their remote doesn’t work; here are [...]

Are Garage Doors Covered by Home Insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides coverage for damage that may be otherwise cost-prohibitive to fix. If your garage door were to be damaged in an accident or other event you have no control over, your policy may cover the cost of repairs. It depends on many factors. How do you know your home insurance policy covers your garage door? What happens [...]

Choosing a Contemporary Garage Door

Garage doors with contemporary designs are common in the Las Vegas area. They complement modern architectural styles quite well. For most homes, the front of a house is consistent in terms of color and style. And since a garage door takes up so much surface area, it can provide a powerful accent. What Does Contemporary Mean in Architecture? Contemporary [...]

How to Tell If Your Garage Door Sensor Is Out of Alignment

Garage door sensors, or photo-eyes, are very effective at making sure your garage door is safe. They are designed to detect any obstructions and reverse the door if a person, pet, or vehicle is in the way. However, they are prone to problems over time. A sensor can become misaligned due to vibrations or if something accidentally bumps into [...]