Top 5 Garage Organization Ideas

For most of us, our garage space can be better utilized. A home garage can be a versatile room, but lawn care equipment, tools, bikes, sports gear, cleaning supplies, automotive accessories, and other items can create clutter. The more disorganized your garage, the less useful it is. Garage organization ideas such as shelves, overhead storage racks, [...]

Tips for Converting Your Garage into a Living Space

Many homeowners find that they could use more living space. But building a house extension is a complex and expensive project. A more practical alternative to a home addition is to convert the garage into a functional living area. After all, many people choose to park their cars on the street anyway, leaving the garage empty. [...]

Should You Install an Energy-Efficient Garage Door?

An energy-efficient garage door includes insulation, which can prevent heated or cooled air from escaping your home, potentially reducing your energy bill. An insulated garage door is particularly beneficial for an attached garage and allows you to get more use out of the space. This is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic, when more people are [...]

Can Garage Door Openers Overheat?

Did you know that garage door openers can overheat? It is uncommon for a garage door opener to overheat. But like an electronic system, it can. Heavy use can cause the temperature of the opener to rise very quickly. A problem with the mechanism can cause an overheating problem as well. The human body can adapt to heat during [...]

Chain Drive vs. Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

The drive mechanism is one of the most important considerations when shopping for a garage door opener. This choice often comes down to a chain drive or a belt drive garage door opener, the most popular systems on the market. In this article, we will describe each and compare them in terms of strength, noise, and price. What Are [...]

Common Summer Garage Door Problems

Your garage door can take a beating during the summer. Extreme heat, direct sunlight, and severe weather can cause problems that affect the door and various components. If your garage door opener gets stuck open in 100°F+ temperatures, it can affect how your air conditioning works and make your home uncomfortable, but it also creates safety and security issues. [...]

Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

All garage doors and their associated parts, no matter how high in quality, experience wear and tear. You won’t notice signs of impending trouble if you don’t look. But preventative maintenance can save you from not only inconvenient situations, but also from serious danger. This checklist includes parts and components to inspect to determine if your garage door system [...]

How to Fix a Slow Garage Door

A slow garage door is a common problem that can test your patience. It is often due to normal wear and tear. Garage doors are controlled by hard-working springs, tracks, pulleys, and other components. The garage door opener itself may be the cause of the slowdown. A quick fix can usually resolve the problem, but a more significant repair [...]

Smart Home Garage Door Options

Home automation has revolutionized control over lighting, appliances, and climate control. Now, the smart garage is quickly becoming an essential part of the smart home. The functionality you’ll find brings a great deal of convenience. For instance, you’re halfway to work and realize you didn’t close the garage door. Just use your smartphone as a controller to restore your [...]

Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Garage Doors

One of the most important considerations when getting a new garage door is material. Everyone is aware of wood, steel and aluminum, but few people know much about fiberglass. While this material has lost some popularity throughout the years, it’s an interesting material that is uniquely suited for certain environments and preferences. Here are all the pros and cons [...]

Garage Safety Tips for Families & Children

This article will give homeowners garage safety tips that can prevent injuries and even death. From maintenance advice to tips on what not to do in and around your garage, the article presents ways that your garage can be a safer place for your family. Safer Homes: More Garage Safety Tips That Keep Families Safe Garage door safety is [...]

7 Tips for National Garage Door Safety Month

June has been declared National Garage Door Safety Month. As the largest moving object in your home, it’s important that your garage door is properly maintained and inspected to keep it operating safely.  Garage doors can weigh up to 600 lbs and can be a real safety hazard if they fall into disrepair. When you factor in how frequently [...]

What You Need to Do If You Accidentally Get Locked Out of Your Garage

Have you ever found yourself standing there in frustration because you can’t seem to get your garage door to open from either the inside or outside? While it isn’t that common, people have been known to get locked out of their garage. If you cannot get into the garage because the door opener is not receiving the signal, is [...]

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Buy a New Garage Door

Springtime is always a welcomed sight. With it brings warmer weather, longer days, and drier air. This is a great time to get some home maintenance done that was left to linger over the winter months. When the snow and ice begin to thaw, it may uncover some parts of your home that have rusted or fallen into disrepair [...]

Enhance Resale Value with a Finished Garage & New Garage Door

With a few tweaks, your garage could be an essential part of your home. By enhancing the garage walls, the flooring, and the door, you could greatly improve your house's resale value. A finished garage can incorporate a number of features, from an updated garage door to improved walls, flooring, lighting, security, efficiency, and storage. There is much to [...]

Checking Your Garage Door Safety Sensors

Safety sensors are an important feature of all residential automatic garage doors. In fact, federal law requires them on all garage door openers that are manufactured after 1993. For added safety, any automatic garage door opener that doesn’t have a safety reverse mechanism properly connected and installed in it won’t even travel in the down position.  This simple safety feature [...]

Boost Property Value by Updating Your Garage Door

Replacing your garage door can have a significant impact on property value. In 2014, U.S. News and World Report estimated homeowners can get an 83.7% return on investment, while the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report noted a possible 95.5% ROI. This means new garage door installation now has a near-perfect return. Garage doors come with significant aesthetic and [...]

Beat the Heat: 6 Garage Cooling Solutions

Few people bother to cool their garages. But on 100°F+ days in Las Vegas, the air temperature inside can get so hot the space is practically useless. West facing garages, darker garage door colors, and the heat from a vehicle can exacerbate the problem. But there are ways to beat the heat, especially if you use your garage as [...]

Is a Carriage House Garage Door Right for My Home?

Garage doors have evolved throughout the centuries, with the earliest garage doors dating back thousands of years. Carriage house garage doors are considered the original garage door, which featured two separate doors that swing outward from the middle. Because the original carriage-style garage doors had difficulty opening due to being blocked by ice and snow, in 1921 the first [...]

Choosing Whether to Repair or Replace a Garage Door

Garage door repair is inevitable. Eventually, homeowners must decide between repair and new garage door replacement. The longer your garage door lasts, the greater the return on investment, or ROI, you get from it. Maintaining it improves reliability and longevity, and can improve home resale value, but how do you decide when the most cost-effective approach is to replace [...]